VAT refund for export from Russia


Scope of works

  • Examination of contracts and documents for export transactions
  • Checking the correctness of accounting of export transactions and drawing up a tax return for VAT
  • Preparation and transfer of a package of documents for the confirmation of export and the right to refund the VAT
  • Examination and appeal of the Act of Tax Inspection
  • Appeal of the decision of the Tax Inspection to the Federal Tax Service
  • Conducting of litigation in arbitration on VAT refund

Cost of services

  • An advance payments of 500 euros for each stage of work or from 5% of the amount of VAT upon receipt from the budget of the Russian Federation
  • Payment of up to 70% of the VAT amount when exporting through «EuroSkill», after processing the export of goods outside the customs border of Russia or after confirming the payment of VAT in the countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)
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