Export of cars from Russia with VAT refund

We export new cars from Russia through our own export company EuroSkill LLC with guaranteed VAT refunds from the Russian budget.


  • The amount of the contract for the export of cars is not less than 1,500,000 rubles
  • Export only new cars sold by dealers or automakers
  • Purchasing of cars in the Russia should be fully financed by the Buyer

Scope of work

  • Providing an export company with successful experience of VAT refund
  • Examination / development of contracts for foreign trade activities
  • Tax planning
  • Calculations and currency conversion
  • Opening / closing of passports of foreign trade transactions
  • Customs clearance
  • Accounting of export transactions
  • VAT refund from the budget

Cost of services

  • When exporting through our company - from 20% of the VAT amount , but not less than 250,000 rubles.
  • VAT payment up to 70% is possible immediately after exporting cars from Russia
  • When supporting the Client's company - from 10% of the VAT amount, but not less than 150,000 rubles.

Guarantees of «EuroSkill»

  • We are ready to provide financial guarantees for the obligations of «EuroSkill» - a personal guarantee of the director / founder of the company, as well as the pledge of real estate.
  • «EuroSkill» is a part of the leading Russian audit-consulting group ACG «FinSovet Audit».
  • More than 15 years of experience in outsourcing of export and VAT refund from the budget when exporting.
  • We employs qualified auditors, accountants, lawyers and managers.
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